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FloridaPets.net Advertising Program

The following information is current
as of -08-01-13

Site Statistics:

  • FloridaPets.net, has been online since October, 2001.

  • Total page views: approximately 40,000 per month.
  • Our audience is primarily people with pets. Many also have grand puppies and kitties. Approximately 70 percent of readers with pets have more than one.
  • Approximately 75 percent of site visitors are Florida residents; 25 percent are tourists or part time Florida residents.
  • Approximately 70 percent of site visitors are women; 30 percent are men.
  • The average visitor is 20-76 years-old, employed, or retired, but employed part time, active, seeking pet-friendly accomodations and events to enjoy with their pet(s) whom they consider to be part of their family.
  • Over 3,900 active subscribers enjoy our eZine, the NewsPetter, every month.

FloridaPets.net offers four different
advertising opportunities:

1.) Banner ad on Main Page of Web site- $15 per week **

Specs: Ad will consist of one art work or photo, 120 X 120 pixels, up through 135 X 150 pixels, in jpg or gif format only. The art or photo will be made "clickable" and linked directly to advertiser's Web site home page. It will also include maximum 25 words text to go along with the art work or photo.

This ad will hold a prime advertising position on the main page of the Web site. ** If the size of your banner ad is larger than indicated above, the rate will be higher Contact us for a quote.

If purchased for at least four consecutive weeks, this ad will also hold an advertising spot in the next upcoming month's issue of the FloridaPets.net ezine, the "NewsPetter." Check out the NewsPetter archives.

If purchased for more than four consecutive weeks, it will also hold an advertising spot in the next upcoming month's issue of the NewsPetter, plus it will hold space on two other content pages on FloridaPets.net of advertiser's choice, i.e., Pet-Friendly Parks & Beaches or Pet-Friendly Hotels, Motels and More or Yearly Pet-Friendly Emergency Shelter Guide, or other high-traffic pages.

There are discounts for ad runs of more than one month. If you wish to advertise for more than one month, please write to Web Mistress for a rate quote.

Note: All ads must be approved by the Web Mistress of FloridaPets.net for quality and content prior to publication.

2.) Classified Ads in monthly NewsPetter eZine - $20 per issue

Specs: Art work or photo, around 150 x 150 pixels, in jpg or gif only format. A maximum of 50 words may accompany the ad. Ad will appear in the NewsPetter, under the "Sponsors" section, and will link to the advertiser's Web site. Position within that section will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All issues of the NewsPetter are archived and remain on FloridaPets.net, so that exposure for advertising continues, even after current issue of NewsPetter is electronically-delivered to subscribers.

All ads must be approved by the Web Mistress of FloridaPets.net for quality and content prior to publication.

NOTE: We've been publishing the NewsPetter most every month since June, 2003 - that's quite an accomplishment in the world of eZines! We're pleased to report the number of NewsPetter subscribers continues to climb every week. We are always happy to provide statistics about FloridaPets.net and/or the NewsPetter to those wishing to advertise with us.

3. General text link ads (except for private lodging property owners - see below for info about that type of ad.)

a. For animal rescues, humane societies or animal-related not-for-profit organizations, such as dog parks = no charge.

(If there are questions about your status, you may be asked to provide your 501C3 certificate.)

b. For-profit companies, defined as any business that exists to make money rather than to provide a free service = $120 per year (only $10.00/month)

Max 25 words, no photo. Must be paid in advance via PayPal; agreement and invoice will be provided before text ad is placed on the site. If you have any questions, please Contact us for more info.

4. Text or text and photo ads only for private property owners wishing to rent their properties.

NOTE: Our advertising policy excludes private property owners, wishing to have text and/or text and photo ads on FloridaPets.net, for the purpose of renting their homes. For more info and rates for this category, please see the blue box on our Vacations page.

Terms: All advertising is paid for in advance by PayPal, or other methods, if approved ahead of time by the Web Mistress. When you are ready to place an ad, please send us the ad, tell us which placement you want and how long you want the ad to run. We will then follow up with verification of details, specific payment information and an invoice for your records. Contact us here.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with FloridaPets.net,
Patricia Collier
Owner and Web Mistress of FloridaPets.net

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